About Us

We are dedicated to providing you with high quality urbanwear that lets you express yourself to the fullest. We are passionate about what you wear telling your story - that’s why we bring you our graphic clothing line, to let it reflect your mood, personality and style!

Meet the team

Design, Marketing


Originally from Paraguay, Santiago is a student of graphic design in Asuncion. His role within Araxys Urbanwear is all things creative - product design, photography, photo editing, social media posts - he's a man of many talents.

Operations, Video Editing


Anastasia is the one taking care of the business side of things, and is most likely the one you'll be chatting to if you have any queries. She also plays a hand in the designing of certain products, and editing all of the videos for our socials.

Marketing, Modelling Director


An integral member of the marketing team, Max is our main model, and modelling director, seeing as he helps out all the other models during our shoots . He also helps Santiago in ensuring our photography sessions run without a hitch.

with special thanks to:


We have to of course mention the biggest support to Araxys Urbanwear who came to every photoshoot, and was present at every stage of the planning process.